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Skyrim is somewhat lacking in the weapons in the game; the modding scene for weapons and be a bit of a mess of misleading and outdated mods. This is a compilation of as many weapons mods I can think of from a number of obscure sites. This is not a quest mod guide and if the main focus of a mod is the questline and not the weapons and armor I might talk about it but it won't be linked here as that would be more appropriate for another guide.

Armory Packs

Artifacts of Skyrim This adds nearly 200 new artifacts all over Skyrim with unique abilities and locations. It also comes with a museum display for all these items. While it is compatible with Legacy of the Dragonborn this mod is standalone and doesn't come bundled with the cock sucking or compatibility issues of Legacy. It also adds so many new pieces of content it dwarfs the upcoming anniversary edition. It really is a gem, please try out this mod.
Lore Weapon ExpansionMy favorite generic loot weapon mod!
Bonemold Weapon PackBeyond Skyrim standalone assets
Animated ArmouryAdds new weapon types with new animations. Like spears! Grab this patch to add the keywords onto new weapons!
Royal ArmoryAdds unique weapons to a ton of NPCs!
Heavy ArmoryAdds new weapon types with a patch for Animated Armory!
Lunar Steel WeaponsUnique Lunar Steel Weapons!
Ash Spawn WeaponsUnique Ash Spawn weapons!
Elven Steel WeaponsUnique Elven steel weapons!
Bonemold Weapon PackUnique Bonemold Weapons!
Gizmodian Oblivion WeaponsNice looking weapon pack by an old Oblivion modder!
Ghosus Weapon PackPort of old LE weapon mods!
Imperial Silver Weapons and ArmourNew Imperial Silver weapons. Armor included too!
Ordinary WeaponsGeneric looking weapons for the history nuts
Stoneheart Weapons PackUnqiue set of animated weapons!
Dragon Cult WeaponsUnique Dragon Cult themed weapons!
Unique Weapon PackUnique dragonbone weapons with a Morrowind flair!
Bonemold and Chitin Weapons This mod adds the full compliment Bonemold and Chitin weapons to Skyrim.
Reforging - To the Masses300 new weapons added dynamically to the world!
Nedhegoth The ButcherBosmer armor set!
Project Minoan - WeaponsBronze Age Greek inspired weapons given to the Forsworn!
JaySuS SwordsNice set of unique swords!
Farm Tools Weapon PackAll the farming equipment can be used as weapons by the walking farm equipment (Argonians!)
A Cursed Sword ExperienceSet of Cursed swords designed around a unique playthrough.
Artifact of MightNew unique looking arifacts around the world! Grab the ESL patch to save on your load order!
The Tournament of the ten BloodsUnique set of weapons with their own Daedric realm quest!
Immersive ArsenalNice looking weapon pack!
Hammerfell ArmoryGreat Redguard themed weapon pack!
Argonian (Saxhleel) Weapon packAnother farm equipment Argonian themed weapon pack
The Ice Blade of the MonarchAdds some unique ice weapons to the game!

Standalone Weapons

Imperial Dragonknight ArmoryAdds a nice set of Imperial sword and shield and a little crypt to take screenshots in!
Stormcloak Hero ArmoryStormcuck sword and shield!
Lost Roscrean BladeBeyond Skyrim standalone asset released with a short quest!
Lunar Guard ArsenalA Khajiit battleaxe!
Akaviri WarbladeSkyblivion asset released standalone for us to enjoy!
DebaserNeat glowing sword!
Oblivion Battlehorn Castle ItemsAdds items from the old Oblivion DLC
Silver Dagger frrom MorrowindSilver Dagger frrom Morrowind in Skyrim
Horse-Slaying SaberSword big enough to cut a fucking horse in half!
Tamrielic Lore - ChrysamereThe best Chrysamere mod with it's own dungeon! One of my all time favorite weapon mods!
KingsglaiveMCO exclusive weapon mod that shifts and changes with each attack. Really unique weapon type!
UmbraYou can choose to use the standalone version or the CC replacer. The CC mod is decent and this makes it look really cool!
RelentlessCool looking sword!
Nameless SaberCurved… sword…
Vampire StakesHunt down vampires with some unique looking daggers!
BiPolar BladeThe Morrowind Artifact now in Skyrim!
Sword of the Septim EmperorsUnique weapon with a super unique enchantment!


Insanitys ShieldsButt ton of new shields!
Shields Of GlorySet of solid looking shields!
Legendary Alpha ShieldsA great set of custom made shields!
Legendary Alpha Shields 2The sequel with even more custom shields!
Daedric ShieldMorrowind themed Daedric shield!
War BannerTechnically not a shield but adds a whole new War Banner mechanic to the game. Seriously cool concept for a mod that I recommend anyone try! Distributes to NPCs using SPID aswell! Grab the City Banner Patch too for repping your Hold!

Ranged Weapons

The Doom DrumKnights of the Nine Megaman blaster!
Slingshot In SkyrimEver want to use a slingshot instead of a bow? This mod has you covered!
Lore Friendly Guns of SkyrimSkyrim with GUNS!
DX Faction CrossbowsLewd outfit guy made some crossbows and they're really good!
Unique Bows CollectionSet of 10 unique bows that are solid as hell!
Ivory BowNice looking bow!

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