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Quests and Lands

So you've done all of Skyrim's quests, and it's taken you all of six hours! Whew! Now you need something substantial to do, but your retard strength broke your keyboard while failing to spell “Quest mods”. Fear not my intrepid mongoloid, for we have you covered with the following adventuring mods. We'll organize these mods by there respective authors first. If they have only made one quest mod, they will be put under another category.


ThirteenOranges is a well know Skyrim modder who has made numerous mods. All of them are well crafted to be great experiences. He's made quests, new locations and towns, and even a new faction. Oranges was a promising quest modder who was killed by Nexus Nazis for arbitrary reasons, and thus had to find new life in the Steam Workshop. His quest mods are all quite high quality, as you'll see. Really, just get them. The new Pit Fighter faction is actually the revival of the Windhelm arena, which was cancelled by Bethesda because of their tight release date.

Thirteen Oranges CollectionHeres my personal ports of all Thirteen Orange's mods that never made it to SE. This includes: And the Realms of Daedra (A quest allowing you to travel to several realms of Oblivion), No Mercy (A quest where you fight vampires and skeletons in a cool chapel), Sea of Ghosts (A new lands mod where you buy a ship and travel to several islands north of Skyrim), Sorcery (A puzzle dungeon with it's own custom voiced follower), The Bigger They Are (A short quest to slay a giant), Amber Guard (A new radiant enabled ruined town based on a town from Arena), Granitehall (An unmarked quest located at another town from Arena), Laintardale (A small settlement based on Arena) and Oakwood (Another settlement based on Arena). I recommend using all of them except for Oakwood. While it doesn't break the game like it did in LE the location has been done better in the exact same spot!
Pit FighterThe only Thirteen Oranges mod officially ported to SE. This one adds in the cut Windhelm Arena with it's own custom faction questline. It even has an expansion letting the player travel to every province of tamriel for a single Arena battle! Also grab the Revamped patch to add new armors and overhaul a number of the fights in the mod!


ALL PRAISE TO TRAINWIZ! GLORIOUS MODDER TRAINWIZ! Trainwiz is a /tesg/ regular, or should I say he used to, and a well known modder like ThirteenOranges. He's made many Morrowind mods as well, which all revolve around the Dwemer or trains; but mostly trains.

World Eater BeaterOverhauls the final boss fight with Alduin into a challenging battle against the true God of the End times!
AethernauticsTravel to space and explore the many realms of Aetherius! Oh yeah there's space ships in Elder Scrolls did you know that!?
Blackreach RailroadQuest to restore the Dwemer train system to Skyrim. Adds a new wacky form of Fast Travel as well! This mod also links together a lot of Trainwiz's other mods together!
The Lost Wonders of MzarkA new dwemer dungeon with unique puzzles and funny dialogue!
TrainFightTrainwiz's celebration of Skyrim's 10th Anniversary with a new Train dungeon with fully animated trains!
The Wheels of LullA sequel to Trainwiz's Sotha Sil Expanded quest mod for Morrowind this mod returns the player to the Clockwork realm of Sotha Sil with brand new bosses and quests! Oh and this has a Fishing addon for catching Clockwork fish!


Slimesire is a newer quest modder known for some stand out daedra themed quest mods. Highly Recommend playing all of these, especially Identity Crisis and The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros! All of his mods add new player homes and some add new forms of fast travel

Zulfardin Eerie and atmospheric player home for the Dragonborn who walks a darker path.
Waking Nightmare Surreal journey into a madman's nightmare. Earn a small player home as well as the favor of the Daedric Prince Vaermina…
Krovaxis Explore the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of Molag Bal, the Dominator. Claim it for your own. Debase yourself in the name of your one true master…
Providence and Pestilence Journey into Peryite's Pits and earn the Taskmaster's blessing - as well as an otherworldly lair to call your home…
King of Worms I Queen of Dawn Restore one of the lost beacons of Meridia and earn custodianship of the Chantry of the Dawn. OR Corrupt the beacon, granting access to the lair of a long dead Sload necromancer…
The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros Explore a world contained within the pages of a sorcerous text, and earn the favor of the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora.
Identity Crisis Investigate the madness afflicting the Northern Asylum of Julianos, and earn the boon of the Madgod himself.


Jayserpa is a real Jack-of-all-Trades type of modder with a large list of must have mods. This section is devoted specifically to his quest mods which usually overhaul vanilla quests with new options and routes for the player to uncover.

Paarthurnax - Quest Expansion A fully voiced, quite expanded new take on the quest Paarthurnax, giving both the Blades and Paarthurnax good reasons for their stances, and you, Dragonborn, the final choice.
Nilheim - Misc Quest Expansion Fixes some issues with the misc quest at Nilheim and gives a bit more flexibility to your encounter with good old Telrav, adding a couple of additional dialogue choices and options for roleplaying.
Leaps of Faith - A Misc Quest Simple mod that adds yet another fun activity for your character to do in the world: 12 epic “Leaps of Faith” across Skyrim for you to discover and complete as you play. Jumping from one of these places will play a custom jumping and falling animation and give you a small (well-earned) bonus.
House of Horrors - Quest Expansion This mod expands Molag Bal's daedric quest, giving you the option of choosing an alternative “good guy” route to finish the vanilla quest. Fully voiced, with new scenes and a custom reward: a new follower!
The Only Cure - Quest Expansion This mod enhances Peryite's daedric quest, expanding the vanilla quest with new conversations, scenes and paths to complete the quest with or without cavorting with daedra. Fully voiced.
College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion Tired of the College of Winterhold not actually teaching you any magic? Tired of jumping into Saarthal after your very first lesson? This mod provides 7 new starter magic lessons/quests to make your College of Winterhold feel like an actual school of magic.
Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion Mind your own business, Svana. Everyone should be allowed to practice the “Dibellan” arts free of shame! Expands this misc quest with some new… interesting outcomes.
Innocence Lost - Quest Expansion This mod provides new paths (both good and evil) to complete the first Dark Brotherhood quest. Grelod the Kind, you'd better watch out. Fully voiced as usual.
The Heart of Dibella - Quest Expansion Tired of having to break into a ladies-only religious building just to start this quest? Is that something your character would never do? This mod has you covered with new roleplaying opportunities, more dialogue and more choices.
The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion Experience a longer version of Mephala's Daedric quest, now with more dialogue, more decisions and a general darker approach to the original quest. Happy spooky month!
The Gift of Saturalia - A Quest for the Holidays A fully voiced new quest. Help the people of Skyrim and spread the spirit of Saturalia. Enjoy!
Infiltration - Quest Expansion One of the most underwhelming vanilla quests… turned into an epic quest full of player choice. Enjoy!

Wanking Skeever

wSkeever is another Jack-of-all-Trades modder with some cute quest mods, usually AI voiced with some enjoyable armors or player homes as a reward

Penitus Oculatus A quest where you can join the Penitus Oculatus after the vanilla “destroy the dark brotherhood” quest and get all the rewards.
Frozen in Time A quest to reanimate an ancient Snow Elf warrior and help her regain her past. It is also definitely (not) just a waifu mod :(
Spirit of Saturalia A Holiday adventure to explore a magical snow globe
The Welkynar Knight A quest mod to help a knight and fight against the Thalmor.
Belethor's Sister Find Belethor's Sister and take over Belethor's store.
Baba Yaga and the Labyrinth Fully voiced quest to discover the mysteries of a walking hut, a soul cairn maze, weeping angels, and a witch.
Siblings of Sales Short quest line to help some merchants from the east


Adolon is a /tesg/ regular who's been making some outstanding dungeon mods every year or two. They all have very creative concepts and the guy has a real eye for memorable locations and dungeon designs!

Dwarven Pride Runner-Up in the Dragonborn Mod Contest hosted by the Skyrim Creation Kit Steam group! Satar-Dan is a very angry Dark Elf living by the shores of Tel Mithryn with the ghosts of his dead ancestors. Who wouldn't be angry living next to a wizard with his bumbling apprentices? If you pester him enough, he might just give you something in an eff
Red Flame Featuring original music! A vampire-themed dungeon featuring original music, Deirge Cathedral lies off of the coast of Skyrim's northern shore. A mass of stone and stained glass, the mod features two new foods for vampires, a Molag Bal blessing, a unique Gargoyle summon spell, and three weapons.
Orange Moon A Hircine-themed Dwemer dungeon, Katumz lies just north of Shor's Stone and was the seat of astronomical research. A mass of gears and pipes, the mod features a new ingredient and nine animated Dwemer weapons with unique enchantments.
Yellow King A Nord ruin unearthed by the Thalmor, Hahdrim's Tomb lies in between Dragon's Bridge and Rorikstead. The resting place of a cursed king and his family, the mod features an original weapon with a unique enchantment, armor, and shield.
Green Sleeves An abandoned mansion, Chateau Argoid lies northeast of Ivarstead. A colossal tree piercing through the roof, the mod features a spriggan follower with custom model, a new player horse, weapons with unique enchantments, three sets of armor, and shields.
Blue Kind Rumor has it that some people in Markarth are getting wedding invitations. Who is getting married? Who are the bride and the groom? With Namira-themed dungeons, the mod features two new followers, a new weapon with unique enchantment, new blue Glass weapons and armor recipes, new alchemical ingredients, and a new spell.


Newer quest modder known for short but thought provoking quests inspired by other popular Dark Fantasy RPGs.

Memorable Bounties - Witcher Inspired Quests Memorable Bounties is a collection of 3 quests, it adds in unique and interesting targets for you to speak with and kill or spare. All quests are heavily inspired by the Witcher series and their amazing quest design.
Memorable Dragons This mod aims to add more interesting and semi peaceful dragons to the world of Skyrim. It adds five new quests, all revolving around a peaceful (ish) dragon, these quests feature high quality voice acting and unique activities that will challenge the player.
Calling the Watchmaker - Lovecraftian Inspired Quest Calling the Watchmaker is a quest mod featuring high quality voice acting and an extremely unique story that delves into the creation myth of the Elder Scrolls universe. This is my submission for the first Skyrim mod jam.
Hunter's Dream - Quest Mod Hunter's Dream is an encounter based quest mod that features high quality voice acting along with an interesting and tragic story.
The Breathing Abyss - Lovecraftian Inspired Quest The Breathing Abyss is an ocean-based quest mod centred around finding out what a mysterious entity is, where it's from, and how it can be stopped. The mod features incredibly high-quality voice acting, a unique story, and custom assets.
The Hunt for the Spectre - Elden Ring Inspired Quest The Hunt for the Spectre is an Elden Ring inspired quest mod centred around Ren, a man who is hunting a serial killer known as the Spectre. The mod features multiple endings and incredibly high quality voice acting.
The Price of Art - Quest Mod Meet a travelling poet who seeks to heal damage that he has endured in his tormented past.
The Serpent's Covenant - Quest Mod Accompany a mercenary on her mission to destroy a guild that threatens all civilised society.
Lost Heritage - Bloodborne Inspired Quest Lost Heritage is a Bloodborne inspired quest with 3 brand new locations, incredibly high quality voice acting and multiple endings.
Mysteries of the Dwemer - Quest Mod Mysteries of the Dwemer centres around Maro, a researcher of the Dwemer who will help explain various parts of their convoluted lore to the player.
Painted Torment - Quest Mod Meet an aspiring artist who seeks to create his magnum opus, and requires your help to do so.

Quests and Dungeons

One hit wonders made by some other people. They are all unique, but most of them include no islands or continents to explore. A great change of pace compared to the wilderness of Skyrim. You can find dangerous dwemer factories or even calm and somtimes melancholy Nordic crypts.

Quest Tweaks

Smaller tweaks to vanilla quests in the game. Ideal for those looking to tackle vanilla content in their playthrough but want more options in the way of roleplaying. Jayserpa's mods are also recommended for this section but he has distinguished himself so much that he has his own section above!

Dungeons - RevisitedMassive overhaul to many of the vanilla game dungeons turning them into veritable labyrinths to explore!
Inconvenient DungeonsSmaller tweaks to vanilla game dungeons to make them less Q shaped and hide traps better.
Collecting the EddaRestored content to add another quest to the bards college.
Solstheim - The Lost LevelsShould this mod even be included here? This mod uses dungeons from an abandoned Solstheim New Lands mod that was cancelled with the release of the Dragonborn DLC. In my heart these dungeons help to combine both the vision of Bethesda and the modders who put all their hard work into recreating Solstheim!
Finding Helgi... and LaeletteOverhauls the vampire ghost loli quest from the Vanilla game. As one of my favorite vanilla quests I think this one does a great job on expanding on the original concept. Also Bonus Lore Fact but did you know that the Vampire coven leader in this quest was first mentioned in a book in Daggerfall. Wild Stuff!
Finding Susanna AliveMakes it so you meet Susanna while she's still alive before she gets murdered.
Finding DerkeethusFixes an issue with the Argonian Derkeethus making it so he doesn't disappear on the player.
Finding Velehk SainRestores the cut content involving the gauntlet in the Midden!
Savos Aren's RegretsRestores the cut content involving dark elf Dumbledor.
A Lovely Letter Alternate RoutesOverhaul of the Riverwood love triangle quest allowing the player to cuck both characters and fuck Camilla themselves!
Boethiah's BiddingOverhaul of Boethiah's quest adding a whole new route at the end of the questline
EC Vanilla Tweaks - Winter UnendingAddon to Seasons of Skyrim that plunges Skyrim into an eternal winder during the final act of the main quest. This was created by the Extended Cut team who are working to overhaul the whole main quest of Skyrim. We'll see if that ever actually happens but for now here's their pretty cool tweak!

Boss Mods

Mods focusing entirely on boss fights. This was given it's own section since the scene has taken off a lot as of late and in an odd hope that more mods like this will be released in the future. Mihail is also known for mods of this nature but his focus is usually more on creating new creatures rather than interesting boss fights thus why his mods are listed on our Creatures, NPCs and Players section! Trainwiz's World Eater Beater mod is also recommended for those looking for more challenging boss fights!

TsunDal - A Tsun Bossfight OverhaulThis mod overhauls the boss fight with the Nordic god of Trials! Adds a ton of new weapons and even a summoned bear!
Ghosts of Akavir - A Boss modAbsolute banger of a boss mod this adds a bunch of new boss fights inspired by Akaviri lore including a very cool boss fight with the god of cum bread Reman Cyrodiil! There's also a version that add a bunch of followers but I prefer this version personally.
G.R.I.M.Boss fight mod made by Slimesire and a few others. Overhauls the Reaper boss fight from the Dawnguard DLC giving him his own subrealm of the Soul Cairn.
Alduin's Champion - a Boss ModAdds a new boss fight at the Throat of the World intended to be a final challenge after the main quest!

Other Great Quest Mods

Falmeroon - Legacy of the Snow Elves/tesg/ exclusive dungeon mod focused around Snow Elf Ruins. Really reminds the player that the country was once inhabited by the Snow Elves!
Sidequests of SkyrimRandomly generated quests from any NPC in the game. Nice for some brainless questing for your favorite random NPCs!
SIRENROOT - Deluge of DeceitOutstanding dungeon mod focused around an Aylied ruin. Uses Animated Traversal to make the dungeon more dynamic and interesting the explore and uses a lot of features that went unused from the vanilla game. Maybe the best standalone dungeon mod ever made.
Lakvan's Stronghold - Shadowkey DungeonDungeon mod inspired by Nokia N-Gage lore! This is just a solid fort with some cool connections to one of the hidden gems in the Elder Scrolls series.
The Shadow of MeresisGerman quest mod with some really unique puzzles and nice writing. Some people don't like the ending but I enjoyed it. The mod is really old but solid and should be given a playthrough!
Beyond Skyrim - BrumaPreview of one of the Beyond Skyrim provinces. This is one of those perpetual development mods that rarely see the light of day but the preview itself is solid and worth an install. Just don't hold out for the full release cause it's never happening. Check out the Morrowind Mod Tamriel Rebuilt for a more extensive (though still incomplete) vision of what a complete Tamriel may look like in the Todd Howard games.
Luftahraan Dungeon PackSpeaking of never-ever mods here's the dungeons from the unfinished Luftahraan project. This mod was originally going to add an entire new hold to Skyrim with it's own quests and dungeons but the devs got burnt out and cancelled the project.
Skyrim SewersGreat dungeon mod adding sewers to the various cities of Skyrim!
Heart of the ReachQuest mod set in an underground swamp with good voice acting and level design!
Legends of AetheriumNew dwemer dungeon with custom enemies and nice level design.
Hestra's NestSide project from the Beyond Skyrim team adding a smaller worldspace with some silly writing and quests! Same quality as Beyond Skyrim just with a lighter tone!
Harthstone IslesSide project from the Beyond Skyrim team adding a smaller worldspace with some silly writing and quests! Same quality as Beyond Skyrim just with a lighter tone!
Caves of MorrowindSolid series of dungeons set on the border of Morrowind!
Castlevania - Vampire KillerCastlevania inspired quest mod focused on new weapons and a dungeon for the player to explore!
Voyage to the Dreamborne IslesVery unique quest mod set in a dreamlike realm with great writing and puzzle design!
ClockworkA dwemer theme quest mod exploring the disappearance of the dwarves. Good level design but a mixed horror theme.
DarkendWhat if Skyrim was Dark Souls? What if the bosses had way too much health? What if the mod is still worth checking out for how well put together everything is? Just make sure you take a high leveled character with you!
Siege at IcemothMod adding Elder Scrolls Blades items via a quest inspired by the Firemoth DLC for Morrowind.
Shadelight - The Treasure SeaCool treasure hunt mod with some unique assets and puzzles.
Warden of the CoastVery Bioware inspired quest mod taking place off the shores of Black Marsh and tackling connections to the Elder Scrolls IV!
The Deeper WellNice dungeon mod adding a new section to the Labyrinthian that relates to secrets of the Old Gods!
Project AHOQuest mod set in a hidden Telvanni village. Very “hostile” writing towards the start of the quest mod that turns some people off however I found the level, writing and world design to be top notch! If you like mods with characters that you earn the respect of or you can kill for being assholes this is the mod for you!
Carved BrinkAnother mod by the makers of AHO but this time focused on it's own custom realm of Oblivion. Not the same quality of writing and many people find the pseudo follower to be annoying as all hell. Worth checking out for some nice screenshots though!
KreinI'll be real I haven't played this one yet but I've heard very good things and from everything I've gathered this mod is a good one. Claims to have a bunch of compatibility issues but everyone I've talked to says that's just the author being overly cautious.
MissivesNotice board mod inspired by the Witcher! Grab the Worldspace and Retexture TOO!
Meridia's OrderQuest mod focused around the Daedric prince of light! Very nice for those who want a morally good daedra worshiper quest! Grab the Synergy patch for Vigilant to make the two questlines seem connected
Moon and StarA village and quest mod adding deep connections to the Main Quest of Morrowind. Grab the CC patch if you want the new outfits on the NPCs!
WyrmstoothA new land mod focused around hunting a dragon! High quality voice acting and world design. Inspired by a design to create a proper dragon questline for Skyrim. Also has it's own manga? Grab the patches for Unique weapons and Lawbringer if you use that mod!
Moonpath to ElsweyrThe original Skyrim quest mod released in 2012! This mod takes the player to Elsweyr to do some various quests with the many variations of cat men that inhabit the province. Be sure to grab the Unofficial patch for writing and pacing tweaks, Beyond Skyrim patch for synergy with Beyond Skyrim Bruma, retexture for the armors and items, Project Ja-Kah'jay for higher quality and more unique models for the varieties of Khajiit, Custom Music for custom music in Elsweyr, and hyena replacer for new hyena models!
Beyond ReachAn older quest mod taking the player to the Province of High Rock! Really dark writing but with a high bar of quality. One of the best mods ever made for Skyrim and absolutely worth a playthrough! Grab the tweaks and enhancements patch, Sky flip for the sun to be in the proper place, Map Flip for the map to be oriented correctly, and better meshes for updates to some of the older meshes used in the mod!
The Gray Cowl of NocturnalTravel to the deserts of Hammerfell and encounter unique puzzles and challenges! Pretty good new land mod with a definite low point during the Coldharbor sections. This mod also links into the main quest of Oblivion in a way some people don't like! Grab the HD Pack, Flora patch, addons and patches, True HUD patch, duneripper fix, Lamia patch for a new enemy in the deserts, More to do patch for more side quests, parallax retexture, music overhaul for new music, Footprints patch if you use that mod, Revoiced and expansion for even more content and better voices, and retexture
UndeathUndeath is a necromancy quest that allows the player to choose to become an immortal lich with it's own new form! Ideal for evil mage players! Grab the XMPP patch, Moon and Star patch if you use that mod, facegen fix, lichdom addon for more lichdom options and the custom skill tree for Custom Skills support!
VigilantFirst mod in the “Vicn Trilogy”. Adds a new faction questline to the Vigilants of Stendarr that culminates in the player going to Coldharbor AKA a timeless version of the Imperial City. Absolutely amazing and might be my favorite quest mod of all time! Check out the two sequels listed below! Grab the (dear fucking god give me a bit before I list every Vigilant patch I use or we'll be here all day)
UnslaadSecond mod in the “Vicn Trilogy” though chronologically the last. This mod takes the player to the Icy continent of Atmora in a friendly little area known as Unslaad and acts as an epilogue to the evens of the Main Quest and Dragonborn DLC. Has even better character writing than Vigilant with a very unique style of writing that feels like a gibli movie! This mod really embodies the phrase “when a dream no longer needs it's dreamer” (If you know, you know). Grab the English patch, Delayed Start for options to delay the questline to after various milestones, Hoarfrost armor fix, and True HUD patch, retexture, Animated Armory patch if you use that mod and want the new animations.
GLENMORILWIP Third mod in the “Vicn Trilogy”. This mod focuses on witch hunting and is inspired heavily by Bloodborn, It also has very cute sections where you hang out in an enchanted valley with a cute little loli friend. The conclusion to his mod is still unfinished but the mod author releases regular updates on his blog. Grab the (Fuck give me time to write down all the patches I use for this one too)

Towns and Settlements

The small towns suck, like Riverwood and even so called “holds” like Morthal. Most of them are just little huts and they just look boring compared to towns in Oblivion or even in Morrowind! So here are a few mods to liven up the small settlements and add new ones too. (NOTE: You should carefully read the mod page descriptions. Some of these mods could be incompatible together!)

Town Modders

Here's the best of the best as far as town modders. This section is less of “pick and choose what you like” and more “pick and choose what you like that has patches”. Some town mods just won't work with each other while other town mods were intended to be used with another.

(Note: You can use Great City, CoTN AND JKs together with this patch)

jkrojmal This is the popular choice, well at least among the nexus. JK covers all the towns and cities of Skyrim, adding new buildings and lots and lots of clutter. JKs is considered bloat to some, and with good reason, you need a decent PC to get decent frames with his mods, but all the same I suggest you look into them.
RubberSpaghetti Do you have a toaster? Do you wanna add a little, and I mean little, clutter to towns? Then Spaghetti's town mods are for you. They are super light weight.
Archinatic Maker of the Great Cities/Town mods. These town mods are like JKs but focus more on new buildings/npcs over clutter. Really solid mod collection. His stand out work is his Winterhold overhaul that I recommend
Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) Sorta like JKs, but more lightweight. This mod overhauls the 5 major cities (Markarth, Windhelm, Whiterun, Solitude, Riften) with both clutter and npcs. Some new buildings aswell. Worth checking out.
JPSteel2Maker of the Cities of the North mod set. CoTN remakes the 4 lesser cities (Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal, Winterhold) with custom new buildings and interiors. Really amazing set of mods.
Schlitzohr Now here's a good one. Schiltzohr makes new lore friendly towns that were in Arena. While nice to look at some of them even come with quests.
JJerem This man has overhauled the orc strongholds, making them much for fearsome and unique.

Here the rest of the settlement mods recommended by Snakestone.

Fortified Whiterun Makes the walls surrounding Whiterun complete and sturdy.
Windhelm Exterior Altered Adds a dock/port to the otherside of Windhelm's bridge.
Skaal Village Overhaul Oh shit son, a fucking Elianora mod, and it doesn't make much sense. Well fuck you I like it. Feel free to skip this one, really.
Half-Moon Mill - Cities of the North Addon Gives the small farm a unique look.
Whiterun Has Walls Some may think this is overdone, or soulless, I still recommend it. It turns Whiterun into a imposing cities suited to be the trade capital of Skyrim.
Thuldor's Ivarstead Gives a CoTN style overhaul to Ivarstead.
Karthwasten Mod This mod turns Karthwasten into a proper town, Once a major city now after centuries of being passed around by Reachmen, Nords and Imperials it is a shell of it's former self.
Helsmyrr Village Adds a nice little town to Rift hold.
Winterhold Docks Adds a small dock area to Winterhold, esl flagged as well!
The Dibellan Baths Adds a new location to Markarth: the Dibellan Baths, run and used by the Priesthood of Dibella.
Drengin's Blue Palace TerraceA slavic mod Snakestone dug up years back that eventually made it to the nexus. Really chill place for screenshots and looking out on the world!
Dunmer Settlements of Solstheim This is a small overhaul of the dunmer settlements on Solstheim, Raven Rock and Tel Mithryn.


From camps to mansions and from castles to caravans, there's some modder out there who made something you'll like to live in! You don't have to download all of these, we're just trying to give you guys some options since the vanilla houses are pretty bland and lack variety.

Solitude RectoryCute little monk home in Solitude's Temple of the Divines!
Stendarr RisingRebuild the Hall of the Vigilant into your own fortress!
Riverfall CottageComfy player home near Riverwood!
Seidr's RestSmall Nordic themed player home!
Itsy TowerA house on top of a giant mudcrab!
Augur's HideawaySmall home in the midden!
Dol Khazun - Mountain StrongholdOrc Stronghold for a playerhome!

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