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Here we have a full out list of armor mods. In the past Skyrim's armor modding was dominated by large overhauls and packs featuring hundreds of poorly optimized meshes, textures and pointless scrips that would clog up your save file and add armors that looked ugly as sin. Thanks to the advent of esl files the best modern practice is to download only the sets that interest you. There are still some overhauls that people use today, most notably Immersive Armors which has a much needed patch for it's poorly optimized meshes. Those overhauls won't be listed here but if you would like to use them they should work well enough with this guide.

Armory Packs

Packs with several armors from a variety of categories. These are a good place to start for touching the armors of NPCs and giving yourself a wide array of new outfits to explore!

Lore Armor PackSome nice armor options for Nords and Wood Elves.
Guards Armor ReplacerReplacer for Guard armors and stormcloaks!
New LegionReplacer for Imperials
Unplayable Faction ArmorsNew faction armors for several of the unique unplayable factions of the game!
Vanilla Armor ReplacersReplacers for vanilla armors! Grab the standalone patch if you want to just add these as new armors!
Race Armor ExpansionNew armors for High Elves and Orcs!
D-ArmorySolid group of unique armors.
Dwemer Weapon and Accessory CollectionSomewhat goofy collection of Dwemer items.
Armors of the Velothi Pt. IExpanded dunmer armors.
Bonemold ExpandedAdds even more Bonemold armors to the game!
Sons of SkyrimNew Guard Armors. Pairs with the other guard armor mod listed and has SPID patches to make sure they stay compatible.
zzjays WardrobeAdds a bunch of cute outfits and armors to the game!
zzjay Skyrim AttireEven more cute outfits!
Realistic ArmorHistorically inspired outfits. Good for Nord characters!
Authentic LegionVery Oblivion inspired take on Imperial armor. Has a SPID patch to work with the other Imperial armors on this list
Aegis AnuadAltmer themed armor pack!
Common Clothes and ArmorsBig collection of vanilla asset mashups.
Ferrum NibenisImperial themed armor pack!
Armors of the Velothi Pt. IIThe sequel to the original with even more Dunmer armors!
Heavy LegionA set of nice Imperial armor replacers. Has a SPID patch to work with the others listed.

Standalone Armors

NordwarUAThis dude has made a ton of armor packs and standalone armors. Very good for Nordic themed characters!
PulcharmsolisMy personal favorite armor modder. Creates armors inspired by Morrowind concept art. Really great and alien stuff. Some people think his models look a bit washed out though.
4thUnknownModder known for some great creature mods has also dipped his toes into armor mods. Most of them are taken from Dark Souls but a few are original as well!
Operator Cactus AKA Skyrim FuckeryThis guy makes some really nice armor sets for Skyrim. A few even have their own quests!
sforzindaReally good mashups of vanilla assets!
Fuse00Very high quality armors from this guy. A lot great male options!
KreisteThis guy makes some high quality Japanese MMO looking armors. He also makes a lot of slutty armors so if that's more your speed there's both male and female options for you!
XtudoThis guy has nearly 900 nexus pages. Half of them are texture optimizations and patches but he's also made nice mashups of armors too!
PrincessAriesMore recent armor modder with some cool looking mashups!
Enderal armorsIt really shouldn't be a shock that Enderal's armors fit really nicely into Skyrim. This guy has been making standalone versions of each of the armors.
JohnskyrimMore of a weapon modder but he has some armors too!
Ordinator ArmorThe best armor from Morrowind returns to Skyrim! There's a couple versions of the plugin but I like this one because it adds new enemies to the leveled list!
East Empire Company Armor Adds a new armor set for the East Empire Company.
3E Cyrodiilic Steel ArmorSkyblivion Imperial Guard armor released as a standalone mod!
Netch LeatherNetch Leather set from Morrowind!
Adamantium AddonAdds the Adamantium armor set from the Morrowind DLC. Intended for use with the CC Chrysamere and the Helm of Tohan!
Helm of TohanAdds a helmet from the Morrowind DLC.
Lunar Guard ArmorVery nice Khajiit armor set!
Akaviri Dragonguard ArmorNew Akaviri set!
Imperial Tribune ArmorGreat looking Imperial armor set that can be given to Tullius or used on it's own.
Rormasu ArmorBeyond Skyrim Argonian armor released standalone.
Ancient Falmer ArmorCastlevania inspired Falmer Armor for the Snelf vampire!
Volkihar Lord ArmorMore Castlevania armor!
The Hinterland RangerNice looking light armor set. Perfect for Imperial Agents!
Barsaebic Ayleid ArmorBeyond Skyrim Aylied armor released standalone!
The Breton PaladinKnights of the Nine inspired Breton set with some very high quality models!
The Gifts of AkatoshOne of the original Paid Mods from 2015 that is now released for free! It was a really good set that's why it was used in so much of the Paid Mod advertising!
Stormhold Warrior ArmorNice Argonian looking set!
Helm of Oreyn BearclawObscure unique helm from a broken Morrowind quest!
Illusive Infiltrator ArmorNice looking armor set!

Clothes and Robes

Telvanni Myconic ProsthesisNew bug armor!
Imperial Battlemage RobesA new outfit for the Imperial Battlemages
Master Necromancer Robes This mod contains Master Necromancer robes that have been recreated for the Skyblivion project.
Wizard HatsAdds wizard hats to the game. One of my all time favorite mods
Tribunal Robes and MasksMage gear for magic users
Imperial RobesImperial themed mage robes
Akaviri Hats PackAsian style rice hats!
Stormcloak RobesStormcuck mage robes.
Vivec OutfitWant to LARP as Vivec? Here's his ESO outfit
One-Winged Swift OutfitZelda looking outfit. Bad textures IMO but somebody might like it.
Sotha Sil OutfitSotha Sil cosplay!
Scarves Of SkyrimAdds a brand new scarf to Skyrim with 6 different color variants.
Bard OutfitsNew Bard themed outfits!
Messenger OutfitSomewhat goofy looking courier outfit!
Christmas Fantasy OutfitWe're well out of the realm of lore friendly with this one but it looks nice and has a lore themed quest!
Wild Witch OutfitNice withy outfit!
Thalmor RemodelEvil looking Thalmor outfit!
Dragonwood Pugilist OutfitChinese new year outfit… I guess it could be Akaviri?
Dark Witch ArmorNew gothic witch outfit!
Ashlander ApparelAshlander themed outfit.
Ash Pilgrim's GarmentsMore Ashlander outfits!
Moon Monk's RobesNew Khajiit robes

Jewelry and Accessories

Lore Friendly Pack MuleAn oldrim mod I ported and have chosen to share due to how annoying it was to port. Adds overly sized backpacks that look best on a squire type character. Very unique and gives a lot of charm to whoever you give to wear it!
Mystical Ornaments Craft and wear a variety of floating jewelries masquerading as item of arcane origin.
Ashland AmuletsAshland Amulets mod, which adds three Morrowind artifacts to Skryim
The Rings of Old Adds 5 rings from TES:3 Morrowind to Skyrim SE
Jewelry Collection35 new and unique pieces of equipment
UnsaintedOriginal unisex accessories
Simple Leather Backpack Mod adds a craftable backpack to the game, with three variants in two different colours.
Cloaks of Skyrim100 new styles of cloak to the world of Skyrim
HDT-SMP Traveler's BackpackBackpack with HDT-SMP physics.
Knapsack Backpacks A collection of backpacks based on the torturers knapsack in Helgen keep
Winter Is Comingadds lore friendly cloaks and hoods into the world
Bandanas of SkyrimAdds craftable bandanas in 8 colour variants
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches ClassicAdds lots of pouches, bags and bandoliers to help easing your burden.
Divine CloaksSimple cloaks for each of the divines.
Daedric CloaksSimple cloaks for each of the Daedric Princes.
Mead Keg Backpack A Skyrim recreation of the Inn League Survival Pack from Lord of the Rings Online, made from vanilla Skyrim resources.
Blindfolds of SkyrimCraftable 'Blindfolds' for the characters of Skyrim
Hip BagsThis mod adds several different wearable (by player and followers) and craftable hip bags. Each bag increases carrying capacity.
Blanket ScarfNice swaddles for your characters.

Slut Wear

TES Arena BikiniEver wanted the bikini armor from the box art of Arena? Butterface no included! Grab these patchespatch2 to port to SE
Amazing World of Bikini ArmorThe big bikini overhaul mod. High quality and very customizable slut wear for any female players!

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