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Armor Graphics

This section is dedicated to making your armors look better and feel more in place in your high end graphical world. Why split up the graphic pages like this you ask? Well, the graphics page was getting very crowded and something needed to be done.

Texture Overhauls

Book of SilenceBest big texture overhaul for the armor and weapons of the game!

Standalone Armors

Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and WeaponsRetextures the Nightengale outfit
Silver Armor and Weapons RetextureRetexture of the CC silver armor

Clothes and Robes

Arc's Dragon MasksRetextures the dragon masks.


Aetherial CrownReplaces the model of the Aetherial Crown with a brand new and prettier model!
HD Dagoth Ur MaskRetextures Dagoth Ur's mask from the CC plugin
JS Unique Utopia SE - RingsNew models and textures for all the unique base game rings!

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