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Weapon Graphics

Here we have a full out list weapon Graphic mods. See what interests you and click on it to learn more. This is purely for graphic changes to vanilla or maybe modded weapons so if you want the actual weapons, just head back a page. So if you didn't check that guide out, do it now!

Texture Overhauls

Unique UniquesReplaces many of the unique weapons in the game with custom models by Insanity Sorrow!
Believable weaponsRemeshes all of the base game weapons to look less like LARP cosplay toys and more like real weapons!
Ebony Weapons 2017 RetextureEbony Weapon retexture made to mesh well with Book of Silence
JS Unique Utopia SE - DaggersRemodels and retextures all the unique daggers in the game!
Vibrant WeaponsCustom VFXs for frost, fire and shock enchantments. Requires this mod.
Real BowsRemeshes all the bows to look like real bows. Not for everyone but definitely for me!
ElSopa - Iron Weapons Redone SENew iron weapon meshes and textures

Standalone Weapons

Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons RetextureDragonbone retextures
Arcs Razor ReduxRetextures Mehrunes Razor.
Kanjs - Sanguine Rose AnimatedRetextures Sanguines Rose and adds new animations to it!
Arcs Chillrend ReduxRetextures Chillrend
Dawn of the DawnbreakerAdds a custom animation to the enchantment for Dawnbreaker!
Weapon Animation (The Staff of Magnus) Add an animation to The Staff of Magnus.
Weapon Animation (Skull of Corruption) Add an animation to Skull of Corruption.
Weapon Animation (Nightingale Bow) Add an animation to Nightingale Bow.
Weapon Animation (Mace of Molag Bal) Add an animation to Mace of Molag Bal.
Weapon Animation (Dawnbreaker) Add an animation to Dawnbreaker.
Weapon Animation (Volendrung) Add an animation to Volendrung.
Weapon Animation (Chillrend) Add an animation to Chillrend.
Weapon Animation (Miraak's Sword) Add an animation to Miraak's Sword.
Weapon Animation (Auriel's Bow) Add an animation to Auriel's Bow.


Kanjs - Spellbreaker AnimatedSpellbreaker animations and textures!

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