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Unrecommended Mods

Back by popular demand!

A list of mods that you should NOT use with a list of reasons and alternative mods to go with it. Obviously this list is biased as all hell but why did you come to a mod recommendation guide otherwise? Are you lost?

Immersive ArmorsThis one is much less offensive than it's sister mod and I did use it myself for a long time. However mod of these armors have their own updated and individual mod pages and a number of the meshes have not been properly optimized and will lag your game. I would say you should just avoid this mod all together but if you choose to use it there is a nice MCM that lets you toggle the armors you don't like off.
Immersive WeaponsThis has long been an outdated and buggy mess of a mod. Most of the weapons look like they're made of plastic and that's ignoring the laundry list of incompatibles. Of all the mods listed here this one I can't advise against more.
Immersive JewelleryI used to use this one back in the day but it's super overreaching so I'd recommend you just check out the jewelry section of the Armors guide!
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul This is the big controversial one that adds so much bloat I had to mention it in my armor and weapons guide. This completely overhauls the alchemy system in the most intrusive way and turns compatibility into a mess requiring 1000 different patches and if a mod doesn't have a patch because it's old or outdated tough shit. Don't ever use this mod or I will bully you.
Legacy of the DragonbornThis mod is super popular but should be avoided. The primary problem lies in the amount of bloat and incompatibility this mod brings to the table. After running a script to discover how many references my mods were using I discovered Legacy uses a whopping 10,058 persistent references, 1/4th the size of base game Skyrim and only rivaled by some massive city overhauls I am using. On top of that, Legacy is not compatible with my favorite alternate start mod: Unbound. The storyline pigeon-holds you into becoming the Last Dragonborn and has so many incompatible or incorporated mods I've lost count. Do your own research on this mod before using it though cause I know a lot of people really like the gameplay loop!
Civil War Overhaul ModsThe Civil War questline is pretty much broken beyond repair but a number of projects have tried to tackle the concept. Civil War Overhaul on LE was a famously broken mod that has a decent remake for SE fixing most of the bugs. Still don't outright recommend that mod until I have a change to play it myself. Open Civil War was a more interesting approach to the concept of a Dynamic Civil War the player could lose based on the Dice Wars browser game. However it too breaks constantly and should be avoided. Warzones is a less popular choice that is a buggy broken mess of a mod that I still see people recommend even today. Immersive Patrols is a might liter take on the concept of civil war battles!
9279If you know, you know. You sick fuck!

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