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Credits and Community Links

Here's some links to various /tesg/ affiliated downloads and communities!


The modern version of the site was written by the following people

Hello, I am Baloney Pony AKA The Lorekeeper AKA “lain”. This is my website! I wrote for the old incarnation for this site as well and I helped to write many of the Skyrim guides featured on the site! I am always looking for new talent to help write for the site and give suggestions so hit me up on the Discord or email me at
profile Ghost here. Wrote a combat guide once, then got recruited to the big war. If you're on here my sincere plea to you is to use all the knowledge contained within here to form your own >opinions. Don't ask if some mod is worth it, learn how to figure that out.
Hey, I'm Hedgehog (The Bald Hedgehog for some) and I still don't know why I waste my time for some pixels that have never been real but here we frickin' are. I'm currently editing and maintaining wai-fu and husbando-fu pages (follower guide soon™ too). If you have any questions for me, feel free to ping me in the Discord server or ask it in the thread.
Writer of mediocrity. I go by many names, so you've probably seen me once or twice in similar spaces. On this site you can call me Melkor but that shouldn't matter too much, I'm just here to help when I can. If you see my work, either here or elsewhere, feel free to repost without credit assuming you don't need to ask the site owner Baloney if it *is* here. If you wish of me to lend an ear, send me an email at or @200percenthalal (will be updated if my name changes) on the /tesg/ discord. Also remind me to get a better picture of Melkor…

Special Thanks

  • Mazetism for running the old version of the site for 8 years and being willing to give me the domain when he could no longer do so!
  • Guardly for creating the original site
  • Eries and HoneyBee for the mod recommendations and helping with the old site
  • Darth Vitrial for helping with recommendations and his in depth knowledge of modding!
  • Trainwiz for writing the old Morrowind guide
  • Bonapart for helping write the old guide!
  • Andromeda Guy for helping write the old site!
  • Heceril for helping write the old site!
  • Novajam for the old ENB comparison video
  • Rohzdear
  • Thrillho
  • Leidi
  • Deoradhan
  • Tainted
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